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Physicals are necessary for many different situations, whether you're beginning a new sport or applying for a commercial driver’s license. Our board certified medical team at Quality Urgent Care and Sleep Lab offer sports physicals, school physicals, immigration physicals, and Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) physicals. To schedule one of these services at your convenience, please call the clinic in Simi Valley, California, today.


What is a physical?

A physical is a basic exam designed to look for specific problems and make sure you’re healthy enough to participate in certain activities.

A physical isn’t the same as an annual wellness exam, and several different types of physicals exist. Quality Urgent Care and Sleep Lab offers the following types of physicals:

  • Sports physicals: Usually required for children who want to participate in sports or other strenuous activities at school or through another organization.

  • School physicals: Often necessary for children starting school or entering a new school.

  • Immigration physicals: Required for any child or adult who wants a green card, as well as people who want to extend or change their nonimmigrant status.

  • DMV physicals: Required for adults applying for a commercial license.

What happens during a physical?

The process your doctor follows during a physical will depend on the type of physical you requested. However, most physicals begin with a staff member taking your vital signs, which may include your temperature, blood pressure, and pulse.

Next, your doctor may examine different parts of your body, such as your abdomen, lungs, and heart. He or she may ask questions about your medical history and current health, and they also may review your vaccination record to make sure you’re up-to-date. If you need vaccinations, they’ll also give them to you during this appointment.

In many cases, the organization that requested your physical will give you a form for your doctor to complete. Before the appointment ends, we will review this form to make sure we've covered everything. Finally, we'll sign the form and give it back to you. In some cases, though, we may sign the physical form but recommend certain restrictions on your activity. That depends on what we've found during the appointment, though.

What if my doctor finds a problem?

If your doctor finds a problem during a physical, he or she may recommend other tests -- such as blood work or imaging -- so they can learn more about what they've discovered. Depending on the results of these tests, they may or may not recommend treatment.

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