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Elderly patients require special care and attention. Seniors are prone to breathing problems, falls, and other conditions that need quick, effective treatment. Our board certified medical team has experience working with older patients. We offer general elderly care services to patients at Quality Urgent Care and Sleep Lab in Simi Valley, California. To make an appointment for elderly care services, please call the clinic today.

Elderly Care

What is elderly care?

Elderly care focuses on the care of older patients. Older patients have specific needs that make more customized care necessary. Dr. Gupta and the staff at Quality Urgent Care and Sleep Lab understand these needs and work hard to provide older patients with the specialized care they need.

What issues affect elderly patients?

Elderly patients can suffer from all of the same issues as younger patients, including illness, injuries, and chronic conditions. However, in order patients, these issues are often more severe. Some of the most common problems seen in older patients are breathing problems and traumatic injuries.

How does Quality Urgent Care and Sleep Lab treat breathing problems in elderly patients?

Breathing problems may appear in elderly patients because of an illness, or they may develop slowly over time. For example, if you have history of smoking, you may develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or emphysema.

When you come to the clinic with breathing problems, your doctor begins by looking for the cause of the problem. If the cause is an illness, they’ll recommend treatments that address the illness itself and help you breathe better. If the cause is a chronic disorder, you may need immediate treatment to help you breathe, as well as long-term treatments to prevent future problems.

How does Quality Urgent Care and Sleep Lab treat injuries for elderly patients?

Injuries may occur when an elderly patient falls, gets cut, or suffers a burn. These injuries may be more serious for older patients because of brittle bones, slower healing, and bleeding issues.

If you come to Quality Urgent Care and Sleep Lab with an injury, your doctor will begin by examining the injured area closely. Once they understand the extent of the injury, they can recommend treatment. While many injuries can be treated in the clinic, you may need to go to the hospital if your injury needs more intensive treatment.

Some injuries, such as a deep cut, may need stitches. Broken bones may need a brace, while burns may need topical treatments and antibiotics. Your doctor will monitor you throughout the healing process to make sure no additional treatments are necessary.

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